How to be a Successful Vlogger?

Today making videos on Youtube is fashionable. Everyone wants to be a a video blogger and have a Youtube channel with millions of followers.

But not always success comes to all video blogs.

If you would like to develop videos on Youtube about what you know and share your knowledge with a large community, this guide will learn step by step how to make a video blog and share your experience on a Youtube channel.


1. Decide what topic Want to Make Videos

Imagine if you’ve considered doing a video blog have more or less clear about that topic you want to talk.

If not, this is the first step …

In Youtube there are many videobloggers with lots of followers but do not address any particular issue, or add any value. Mainly they engaged to talk about themselves, their lives and little else.

These channels although some are successful do nothing …

If you’re going to spend your time developing videos, take advantage to convey some knowledge, however simple. Sure there are many people who may be interested.

The topics that generate more successful pass from videos recipes, fashion, makeup, jewelry, crafts … to teach languages or playing an instrument.

Whether to choose a topic or risk Exploited Start One Less Popular?

We must make it clear that although there are millions of videos on virtually any subject, there are issues that still have not been touched in depth through a videoblog.

This is your chance !!

If you decide to start a video blog with a more popular issue seeking ways to give a personal touch or stand out from what already exists in some way. If you do exactly the same thing, you will be just one of the bunch.

2. VideoBlog Define Your Style Your Success

If you want to stand with your videoblog you have to do it right. Not only it matters to talk about something interesting but also do it in an interesting way.

Dynamism, energy, direct language, are essential ingredients for a video awaken interest and audience engagement to a videoblog.

The style will give an identity to your video content and will make them recognizable, your audience can identify with them.

It defines style video that would be most appropriate for your audience. Remember to speak “the same language” of your audience and show nearby.


3. Get 10 issues for Dealing In Your Top 10 Videos

Do you think 10 videos are many? then maybe do a video blog is not for you …

To become a successful videoblogger is important that you can develop hundreds of videos on the subject you have chosen.

For starters, it is important to define a list of topics to discuss in your first videos.

Is the theme of each video is very specific …

That is, to solve a single issue or a single aspect. This way you get better focus the contents facing the audience and positioning and have more issues to deal with.

4. What Material Recording going to use

This part is perhaps the most difficult for most aspiring vloggers.

The question is: We want to make good movies, but not have much technical knowledge nor much recording budget.

In any case, I recommend you do the first videos with what you have. If you only have a small camera starts with that. This is a nice guide that would help you select the best vlogging camera – vlogging cameras review

Then there will be time to go better when you make sure to do your thing videos.

As for recording, there are three important aspects: camera, microphone, and lighting.

You can have a look at this video of a known video blogger where shares very interesting tips on recording:

5. What will be the background of your videos …

We spoke of giving identity to videos and for this, the background is crucial. Many video bloggers do not take this into account and make videos with grisly funds.

Decides that background is best for the theme of your video. You can choose an indoor or outdoor background, a neutral background, such as a white background.

In any case, the fund must be related to the theme of your videos. It makes little sense appear in the middle of a beach if you’re talking about technology or computers surrounded talk about relaxation techniques.

You can also learn a lot from vloggers like Casey Niestat.

6. Duration of each video

Youtube videos triumph short-lived. Although that does not mean that you have to do always the same.

If you spend a video to answer a specific question will allow you to make a short and specific video.


7. Frequency

The main key to success is consistency Youtube. No success videoblogger started yesterday.All have spent several years publishing videos constantly.

Define how often you’re going to launch a new video. You can even mark the day of the week that will. This way your audience will be attentive to the publication day to see it.